• The Calgary Herald interviewed the Fragments about their new album. Eric Volmers notes that Winter Wasp contains “wonderfully eccentric tunes,” including Stop the Presses, which is a “smoky duet,” and Reservoir Light, which is a “sly, slow-burning drum-and-bass tune.” Read more.
  • The Fragments were profiled by the Calgary Herald. Check out the full article here.”The result, Martin’s vision finally realized, is an unabashedly odd and joyously weird, slightly askew pop record that reminds of such English eccentrics as, say, Robyn Hitchcock or Paul Heaton, and incorporates such far-reaching sounds into the melodic mix as bossa nova, music hall, disco, mambo, jazz and even reggae.”
    Read more.
  • Here’s a review of our new CD, Stone Boat, over at BeatRoute:

    most of the tracks on Stone Boat will creep their way into your daily humming routine at some point or another. These melodies beg to be hummed.”

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